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For Finance Experts: Rethinking Client Communication and 3 Customer Desires

The Financial Services Expertise Series: This training article is for financial professionals.

We covered in last month’s blog the disconnect where financial professionals talk about things our clients did not ask us to address. We concluded we could close the gap when we offer our clients proactive advice, provide dashboards, and anticipate their pain pointsThis article will cover rethinking client communication, what that looks like, and three things clients desire.

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For Finance Experts: Do You Know The Number One Reason Clients Leave Their CPA?

The Financial Services Expertise Series: This training article is for CPA professionals.

As a restaurant owner, CEO or Manager, can you guess what the number one reason clients in our 2016 survey said they left their CPA firm?

At the 2016 AICPA Tech Workshop, we solicited our participants to guess the reason they believe clients leave. Below are their responses.

  1. Lack of Responsiveness
  2. Poor Culture
  3. Perceived Indifference
  4. No Proactive Advice

Which one of the four responses do you think is the number one reason clients left their CPA firm? If you chose No Proactive Advice, you are right! It was not any of the other three or the price, often a mentioned response. When a client does not receive proactive advice, they grow tired of looking in the rearview mirror, especially when it comes to their accounting.

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