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What Is Sage Intacct & Why Should Growing Companies Switch?

“I’ve saved 80% of my time at quarter-end using Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights.” —Russell Guthrie CFO, IFAC

So, you’re considering switching to Sage Intacct to grow your business. Well, you’re exploring a terrific option because Sage Intacct is the number one financial management solution with the best customer satisfaction (G2 Crowd + Finance Online) and best product score (Gartner).  As both your trusted advisor and an official Sage Intacct partner, we’d like to share why this ERP tool knocks it out of the park for small companies looking to scale and mid-sized businesses seeking to grow.


G2 Accounting Grid - Sage Intacct

According to the G2 Grid For Accounting, Sage Intacct has the highest satisfaction rating (98%) for mid-market (51-1000 employees) and enterprise size ( > 1000 employees) companies. If you’re seeking a leader in the pack, Sage Intacct is your best option as they pioneer with innovative leaps. The satisfaction score from G2 Crowd is based on ease of software use (85%), ease of doing business with Sage Intacct (87%), and how well it meets it’s customers requirements (85%). Not only is their tool solid, their company is too.

Hugely helpful for high volumes of transaction, the ease of Sage Intacct also makes it quick and simple to view data, report on that information, and operationally act. This system is designed to help leaders grow their company (not just financial compliance like many software alternatives).

So, where did this company come from?

The Origin Of Sage Intacct

“Intacct was founded in 1999 to provide small and midsize organizations with online financial applications. It was one of the first vendors to develop multi-tenant SaaS business applications.” – Gartner

With its beginning in San Jose 1999, this software was created from ground zero, by David C. Thomas & Odysseas Tsatalos, as a cloud-based software. They were in the cloud before most people knew what it was! The name Intacct comes from a hybrid of the words INTernet and ACCounTing. Mounting up numerous awards for their innovative software, the company quickly grew in size and awareness. It was 2017 when the company was hitting its stride on all cylinders and a team of 500 people that the larger company, Sage, came into the fold and bought up this relatively small but highly important business.

Alright, we know where Sage Intacct came from, why did Trusted CFO Solutions choose to partner with them?

How Trusted CFO Solutions Selected Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct pioneered the digital transformation in the financial software service industry. All of sudden, companies and providers were no longer tied to on-premise general ledger systems. AICPA and created a preferred providers list. After we compared over 35 alternative systems we came to the same conclusion as them, Sage Intacct was the superior ERP general ledger software.

Since it also addressed many of our client’s current pain points including the ease of use, multi-entity use, management reporting, and cloud access, we chose Sage Intacct and have not looked back.

We’ve shared highlights of the tool, where it came from, and why we’ve selected Sage Intacct, let’s do a deeper dive into the software, its strengths, weaknesses, and what people are saying about it.

Survey The Options

A Quick Survey of Sage Intacct

This cloud-based ERP system empowers its customers with innovative technology, powerful automation, and modern cloud architecture. There simply is nothing else out there that compares to this system. Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes it different, what functions it includes, and a quick view of the strengths and weaknesses of the tool.

What Makes Sage Intacct Different?

  • #1 in customer satisfaction
  • Able to consolidate 100 entities in seconds
  • The AICPA preferred financial management solution
  • A Salesforce Platinum ISV partner

The dashboard, collaborative features, and reporting functions are hot topics with users of the software. It gives them visibility and access to data and information in ways that foster company growth. Visibility is also critically important. The ability to see the accounting data and what’s happening in the business is necessary for companies to succeed and grow. At an operational level, this type of access is quite rare.

The additional ability to drill down into these functions is something Sage Intacct customers love. When you can trim a forty hour process down to a four-hour activity, you’re freeing people’s time and saving the company serious money. The power of this real-time reporting gives owners and executives a competitive advantage.

Click here for a deeper dive by Sage Intacct as to why these differentiators matter.

Feature Overview List

  • Payment Processing
  • AP Automation
  • Invoice Customization
  • Audit Trail
  • Integration API’s
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Custom Reporting
  • AR Automation
  • Journal Entries


“Intacct scores well in most functional capabilities, particularly general ledger coding structures and processes… survey respondents were very positive about usability and ease of configuration, deployment and integration, citing the ease with which they were able to integrate Sage Intacct with other cloud services.” – Gartner

Sage Intacct’s General Ledger Simplicity

Companies with one level of complexity (3 or more business layers) are ideal users of Sage Intacct. These complex companies with different divisions, products, and executives usually create a linear general ledger coding system. Out of this chaotic approach are tens of thousands of codes. When you add up multiple departments with thousands of codes and queries, it becomes cumbersome and hard to work with, like speeding up and slowing down a train.
With Sage Intacct, you only need 150 codes because it parses these codes like a Rubik’s cube.  With Sage Intacct, it parses the data into dimensions and users can fund the department based on the same account codes. This results in a highly organized general ledger for easily queried accurate data.

Ability To Compare Financials Against Non-Financial Data

In business, there is financial (revenue) and non-financial data (number of won deals). This software includes the ability to quickly load statistical information, compare it, and create comparison reports of these two types of data. With Sage Intacct, we can compare the revenue and number of won deals to provide operational improvement insights. The ability to cross-compare, to analyze where the business is making money, and how, is a rare and powerful resource.


“Its weakest area is fixed asset accounting, and it relies on a partner solution for complex allocation functionality, which reduces its score for complex general ledger capabilities.” – Gartner
In addition to this weakness,  it also lacks forecasting and budgeting functionality, but this too can be augmented with the easy integration of Adaptive Insights.

Sage Intacct Knows What It Does Well

The philosophy of Sage Intacct is driven by knowing their core elements of the software. When the needs go outside the system core, they make it easy to bridge into their tool to allow users to pull, push, or report on the data. By opening up the API, they’ve fostered the growth of an online marketplace of partners that allow companies to do almost anything they would need out of their ERP or financial software. Where Sage Intacct is weak, a partner software has likely been created to effectively augment the system.

What Others Are Saying About Sage Intacct

As the only AICPA endorsed cloud financial solution, there is an abundance of positive feedback about this software.

“Sage Intacct is a software app that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features with customizable functions to fit various conversion funnels and purchase orders.” – Finances Online

“Sage Intacct is cloud accounting and web-based financial management software designed to help companies improve performance and accelerate growth.” -G2 Crowd

“Although Sage Intacct primarily targets lower midsize organizations, its goal is to provide financial capabilities that scale with its clients as they grow, and its functionality scores support this goal.” -Gartner

Let’s Talk About Pricing

“Pricing for smaller companies graduating from QuickBooks begins at just $400 a month. Larger firms replacing on-premises software systems—Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Lawson, Deltek, or Oracle, and other mid-market systems—will typically spend from a few thousand to $10,000 or more a month.” Finances Online
Compared to alternatives, Sage Inaccts pricing is slightly less than average.

Prominent Clients Who Use Sage Intacct

  • Nike Foundation
  • Voltari
  • Zend
  • Canto
  • Demandforce
  • Meetup
  • Patreon

Sage Intacct Integrations

Sage Intacct has recommended software integrations, which we prefer to incorporate.

Your business sales and use tax done will get done right with Avalara if you operate your business on Amazon or have a presence in more than one state. Clients get accuracy and integrity with where they can receive, code, and store invoices, create reports, and get paid faster by vendors.

As a CFO or manager of a Restaurant, Franchise(s), Family Office, or Oilfield Services business GetLinked Software has many features and benefits to help you grow your business. Manage your customer relationships with SalesForce, the world’s number one CRM software. Our clients who use Tallie, an employee expense reimbursement software, are highly satisfied.

We want the best for our clients. Below is a list of the current software integrations we selected to best serve our clients. Click on the links to read more about why we chose each tool.

Sage Intacct is not limited to these integrations. Customization may be possible for softwares already in your toolbox.

It’s Time To Seriously Explore Sage Intacct & Level Up Your Business

Sage Intacct has focused on building the software right and this starts with a strong core and complementary parts. We understand our customers need layers of complexity, accurate data, ability to audit, permissions and restrictions, and company-wide visibility. Sage Intacct does this nicely and its why we promote it exclusively as part of our business model.

And while transitioning systems is a large task, we can pull in, clean up, and restructure decades of data as part of the transition. For other companies who don’t need it, we can simply start fresh from today going forward.

If you’d like to explore Sage Intacct at a deeper level, let’s talk.

Sage Intacct For Forward-Looking Leaders

Additional Sage Intacct Resources



Outgrowing Quickbooks?

Say goodbye to spreadsheet reporting and manual consolidations and start using a cloud-based financial management system.

Sage Intacct dashboards

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