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TCFOS Client Announcement: Atlanta-Based Stars & Strikes Opens Their 1st North Carolina Location — 14th Across The Southeast

​We interviewed the Stars and Strikes team last year to learn how their transition from Quickbooks to Sage Intacct has unfolded. As a followup to that implementation process, they’ve been eager to leverage their new scalable financial multi-entity systems to more easily launch new locations.

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Succulent Hospitality Partners With Trusted CFO Solutions

Succulent Hospitality joins Trusted CFO Solutions as a SIAP partner. Owners, Jason Sheetz and William Sigley, lead the way in Sandy Springs, Georgia, with this newer concept of virtual restaurants. Succulent Hospitality’s flagship restaurants are Under the Cork Tree and Hammocks Trading Company (both in Sandy Springs).

Succulent Online Disrupts The Delivery Market

In March 2019, Succulent Online opened a kitchen facility adjacent to Hammocks on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.

This facility houses three virtual brands. Fatbacks Meat and Three, Top Bun, for the burger and hot dog lover, and Salad Hippie to satisfy the grain and lettuce bowl health-minded. 

What Are Virtual Restaurants? And Why?

Virtual restaurants are like ghost restaurants. The chef prepares the food and sends it out of the kitchen for delivery under the brand. Co-Partner, Jason Sheetz, became interested in the idea of virtual restaurants after experiencing challenges with delivery fees.

The virtual restaurant model will have thirty percent delivery fees. UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and PostMates implement these fees to sustain their business.

With this model, Succulent Online anticipates a revenue increase as the company will not have costs typically incurred with a brick and mortar restaurant location.

Trusted CFO Solutions Knows The Restaurant Business

TCFOS builds and maintains a thriving financial department within your business. You receive a higher-performing, lower-cost financial team and CFO, and the best financial management software on the market. You save time, recover money, and get decision guidance.

We understand the restaurant industry‘s high demands on efficiency. It requires the use of real-time data to procure insights for growing and sustaining the business effectively.

We help you optimize these data structures. Give us a call or email us today, and let’s explore doing so with your food service business.

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HB NEXT — A Long-Time Trusted CFO Solutions Client —Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary At Lake Lanier Islands

Every five years, the leadership of HB NEXT has a gathering in celebration of its employees from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. This year, Founder and CEO, Mark Hornbuckle hosted the party on July 20 at Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands. Their new Chairman of the Board, 100 employees and their partners, key suppliers and vendors, and select business partners received invitations to the event. 

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Sage Intacct Names Trusted CFO Solutions a Top VAR Partner of the Quarter (Q3).

Trusted CFO Solutions works directly with CEOs and CFOs who are experiencing growth and require a financial management tool that saves time, recovers money, and provides company-wide visibility.

Dixie McCurley (Co-founder and President), and the TCFOS team empowers high-performing teams, and fosters lower-cost financial management. Packaged with a virtual CFO, their clients also use the best financial management software (Cloud-Based-ERP) on the market (Sage Intacct).

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Alon’s Bakery Partners with Trusted CFO Solutions and Celebrates 27 Years of Success!

With a dream at an early age to be an entrepreneur, Alon Balshan packed up and left Israel with $500 in his pocket to head for the United States. After a short stay in New York, no job, and diminishing cash reserves, Alon connected with a restaurant owner in Atlanta suggested by a friend of his before leaving Israel. After a bit of persuasion by his friend, he made his way south to bring a piece of his European roots to the Morningside Atlanta community, where he later opened Alon’s Bakery in 1992.

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How Much Time Does Your Technology Software Company Spend Doing Manual Input Of Recognized And Deferred Revenue?

If you are the CEO or CFO of a software as a service company, you know much of your revenue recognition and deferred revenue management is done manually. When it comes to subscription software, you sit on multiple small payments, and the manual input to Excel or other manual process creates a significant labor cost related to your accounting and sales staff.

Because you work with numerous types of customers in various industries, a lot of manual handovers leaves you less time to analyze or build future products. Our experience shows manual input is one of the most significant challenges for software companies. By streamlining and automating that process, you gain a substantial return to your company.

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Why You Should Choose Trusted CFO Solutions As Your Restaurant Accounting Partner

Running your restaurant is time-consuming and every minute counts. We get it and this is why we leverage tools, processes, and people to give you time back, alleviate stress and help you accomplish your financial goals. Don’t get stuck surviving as a restaurant, instead find out how you can take your business to the next level. And, we can help.

Run by experienced experts, Trusted CFO Solutions is an outsourced financial and operational reporting firm. We are a unique partner for restaurants due to our experience and specialization. Our client’s industries include hospitality, franchising, foodservice, and distribution. The TCFOS team takes the burden away from the restaurant owner adding an expert to the team based on pain points, providing owners and managers more time to run the business. We help our restaurateur clients interpret, respond to, and plan for all situations their business will encounter. We coach owners on finance and managing through measured results and customize our services to the restaurateur’s unique needs.

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