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If Your CEO/Founder Offloaded Responsibility Of Fixing The Financial System To You, We Can Help!

Financial teams across Atlanta are dealing with the disorganized chaos of their department. And, the business owner or CEO has offloaded the responsibility of fixing it to their shoulders, usually the controller.

Thus, controllers usually know and feel the pain. They know what’s going on and the requirement for resolution. In fact, they’ll want to fix it immediately by expanding their non-functioning accounting department.

Stop Wasting Time & Money

One of our clients with 13 stores literally logged into 50 bank accounts every single day for a daily cash report. It took four-and-a-half hours a day. Today, after working with us, the mostly automated report is done in 45 minutes.

But, the appeal to the C suite is not simply solving the problem. It is the elimination of multiple staff member’s time-intensive hours. This allows leadership to reallocate those people to strategic initiatives, other areas of the business, or cut down staff levels for cost savings.

A COO for a franchise group we’re working with spent over four hours of her time every single day (85 hours/month, 1,020hours /year), running store-by-store performance reports to put it all together. And she still had to handle her primary responsibilities on top of this mandatory labor-intensive activity.

Streamline Your Financial Data Streams

We build connections and make it easy for financial staff members to update and access the data they need to grow their business. Access reports automatically and directly. No more remembering to log-in and accessing raw data, subject to human error.

We Give Our Clients Their Time Back. Our Results Are Exponential.

After we assess an organization, the owner or CEO knows they must manage better. Financial staff members are wasting two to eight hours daily, but by working with Trusted CFO Solutions, that all goes away.

As part of our assessment, we deliver a waste audit, so you understand how to change your operations, and understand the benefits received from these changes.

We provide the CEO, CFO, and accounting controller team access to the exact data they need to accomplish their specific set of role objectives.

Gone is the time of irrelevant generic reporting. Now it’s about personalization of data access. By doing so, we not only give time back to people at all levels within the organization, but we also provide the executive level the insights they need, and fast.

What Controllers Are Saying About Sage Intacct

Asking The Questions You Don’t Know To Ask

Find Money, Recover Time, & Decide Wisely.

Our prospects request we come in to simply ask the questions they don’t know to ask, so they can get the answers they don’t have. They know they can’t keep doing it the same way they’ve been doing it. And, they don’t have the time to research and learn everything they need to know to make it work.

It’s challenging for clients to change and improve the process while also doing work required day-to-day. Staff gets frustrated with how difficult their data is to access and report on, and they jokingly threat of blowing up the building.

But that doesn’t have to include your company. Make a change for the better starting today so you don’t drive your financial team to insanity… We don’t need a real-life Joker!

Get Your Financial Systems In Order Today!


Outgrowing Quickbooks?

Say goodbye to spreadsheet reporting and manual consolidations and start using a cloud-based financial management system.

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