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Why Does Trusted CFO Solutions Choose Sage Intacct?

As experienced CPAs and business advisors, we at Trusted CFO Solutions have vast expertise in over twenty-five accounting programs. We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Peachtree gurus, Great Plain’s wizards, among many other official (and unofficial) titles. However, in the past several years, we have seen domination by Intacct in the accounting systems business space for small to medium-sized businesses. There are a number of reasons why we are moving more and more of our clients over to the Intacct system.

IntacctTM is a leader in cloud financial management and accounting software, with award-winning applications that are the only preferred financial applications for AICPA business solutions.

The Intacct system is exceedingly robust, with real-time reporting to aid in efficient management, meaningful decision-making, and strategy formulation and execution of your action plan.

How would you like to improve data quality and reduce wasted hours by cutting the time it takes to fix data errors, reconcile books, and meet with your CPA? What about optimizing key business practices and eliminating wasted time re-entering data between different applications? The resultant improved productivity and efficiency, greater transparency, reduced risk and error, and lower IT overhead costs for your business is tangible.

The core modules for general business are General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Order Entry, Purchasing, Employee Expenses, Standard Reporting, Centralized Dashboards and more. The range of applications includes accounting, contract management, revenue recognition, project and fund accounting, inventory management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation, and financial reporting applications – all delivered over the internet via cloud computing.

We trust Intacct to securely manage your confidential financial data in a high-performance, reliable infrastructure. Click here to find out more about Intacct’s operational transparency, service level guarantees, as well as security and privacy measures that are above and beyond what your organization can afford to put into place.

We are IntacctTM Certified and have spoken at several events, seminars, and conferences on best strategies to leverage their cloud technology and real-time financial data and analytics in streamlining business operations and gaining strategic insight.

Some of the benefits of using Intacct’s web-based solutions include:

  • 24/7 Secure Access and Management of Data
  • Facilitation of Seamless Collaboration Among Management and Staff
  • Powerful Automation for Instant Updates and Data Sharing From Anywhere
  • Swift Productivity and Enhanced Flexibility To Work Remotely; Reduced Travel Time and Cost
  • Improve Data Security and Transparency; Reduce Risk and IT Costs

Ultimately, it’s not about the software – it’s how we use the software. Our selection of the best tool for your business’ needs in order to deliver your best accounting scenario is key. Our goal is to create a full accounting and finance experience for you – to construct your financials, to make it easy for you to stay out of check writing issues, to deliver better information and insights than a typical P&L and Balance Sheet, and to make your accounting decisions easier for you.

Call 855-236-2384 or contact us by email to find out more about how our offerings can help your business.


Outgrowing Quickbooks?

Say goodbye to spreadsheet reporting and manual consolidations and start using a cloud-based financial management system.

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