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If you’re operating without the guidance from a CFO, you are flying blind. With the right CFO in place, we’ll help maximize profitability while you focus on growing revenue.

Upon the completion of implementation, we’ll operate as your CFO within the ongoing client services phase. The following describes the numerous ways we’ll help you in this role.

Virtual CFO Role Responsibilities

  • Oversee the financial aspects of the business.
  • Review the historical accounting reports  to help manage the business.
  • Review the analytical data to provide insights for wise decision making and future planning.
  • Guide decision making on how to spend money and improve operational profitability.
  • Oversee risk management by illuminating the current liability and protection of the company.
  • Manage accounts, cash flow reporting and forecasting.
  • Guide in capital expenditures and buying other businesses.
  • Review and monitor the solvency and liquidity of the company.
  • Provide health reports of the business.
  • Guide HR decisions revolving around payroll, benefits and other financial aspects.
  • Review company to ensure compliance with government regulations.
  • Manage banking and investor relations.

Two Ways We Can Work Together

Option 1

Casual – CFO Advisor

Working on a monthly retainer, we operate as your business advisory oversight. We proactively engage in routine meetings as well as provide reactive support when you need it.

Option 2

Formal – CFO Authority

In addition to the adviser role, we now operate with legal governance. With this authority, we now become an officer liable for decisions as we operate within the company’s leadership policy.

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