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Prosper or Perish #10: With PPP Ending and an Expected Downturn Coming, Here’s How Your Business Must Shift To Emerge Stronger

PROSPER OR PERISH #10 by Stephen GrossClick here to read past issues.

PPP has now run its course, and EIDL loans are still working their way through the SBA.  We are hearing that D.C. is planning a more targeted relief package for the summer or fall, but details are sketchy.

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Prosper or Perish #9 — Webinar On How We’re Making A Difference As We Help Our Clients Reopen Their Business

PROSPER OR PERISH #9 by Stephen GrossClick here to read past issues.

The system is overwhelmed, companies are failing, and unemployment is high (while it continues to escalate). In this webinar, Steve shares with the TCFOS team about the reality of the new COVID-19 economy, and what Trusted CFO Solutions is doing to help its clients emerge stronger.

Each of our clients will go through a difficult process. We’re helping them to survive, so they have future choices. We’re also helping our clients adapt to the new circumstances to succeed in the new economy. Finally, we’re supporting our clients through their reinvention process so they can prosper during and after the chaotic marketplace transition.

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COVID-19 Forgiveness Planning and Forecasting After Receipt of Relief Funds

We’ve helped companies request millions of dollars through the COVID-19 relief funds available to benefit crisis-affected businesses. But what happens after you get your funds? How do you ensure the promise you were given is fulfilled?

Companies with intentional forgiveness planning and COVID-19 forecasting solutions will emerge stronger, even amid the continued uncertainty of the future.

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Prosper or Perish #8: Wisely Navigating The Risk Of Opening With The Cost Of Staying Closed

PROSPER OR PERISH #9 by Stephen GrossClick here to read past issues.

As re-opening our economy begins, we are entering the tricky stage of balancing safety, for customers and employees, with re-opening our businesses.  We will face two obstacles in this effort – FIRST, our customers are going to be super cautious about risk (for a period of time), until a normal ebb and flow of people resume with little consequence.

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Effectively Managing Business Cash Flow Through Crisis

This post comes from our friends (John Coffin & Emmett Moore) at Practical Growth Advisors.

More than ever, we are in a time where you need clear advice and actionable solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic blindsided the world and especially Americans when it hit the United States hard. With the rapid multiplication of cases, our government ordered people to stay home and businesses to close. Nearly all individuals and companies continue to experience the weight of this crisis.

In crises, we feel a threat to the success of the businesses we have worked extremely hard to build for serving others. With workplaces closed, new working environments, and significantly reduced cash flow, uncertainty can develop, and sometimes pressure mounts to the point of some throwing up their hands, expressing, “I’m done.”

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Trusted CFO Solution’s Guide to Sage Intacct COVID-19 Resources

It may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. We want you to know that Trusted CFO Solutions and Sage Intacct are committed to helping you and your business emerge stronger through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our TCFOS COVID-19 Task Force put together this guide from Sage Intacct’s great resources to help you save time and be a stronger business.

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Innovation at The Helm as Trusted CFO Solutions Adds New Services and Partnership Program to Help Businesses Emerge Stronger Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

ATLANTA — In this COVID-19 season, nearly all businesses have been or will soon be financially impacted. Trusted CFO Solutions (TCFOS) has created a way to support these businesses to emerge stronger from this crisis in tandem with the CARES Act.

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Sage Intacct Users: Is Your Business in Compliance for CARES Act Forgiveness?

At Trusted CFO Solutions, we are here to help save businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic so they can all emerge stronger.

The Trusted CFO Solutions team applied for 22 million+ for our clients within a month after the CARES Act became law. And we have a goal of applying for 75 million by the end of May. But, is applying and receiving the funds all a business needs to ensure forgiveness?

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