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Maximize Your Second Draw From The Paycheck Protection Program! The Trusted CFO Solutions Team Is Ready to Help!

Did you miss out on relief funds during the first round of PPP? We have good news! On January 13th, 2021, Congress opened up $285 billion for PPP2 (Paycheck Protection Program) funding making it possible for you to strengthen your business with available financial funding of 2.5x to 3.5x your monthly payroll in a 100% forgivable loan.

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Free Tool Download: 12-Week Cash Flow Projection Calculator

Cash is king in restaurants. In the midst of this crisis situation with COVID-19, knowing your restaurant’s current cash position is one of the most important insights an operator can have.

We have created a simple, yet effective, Weekly Cash Flow Worksheet that you can easily download and modify (fill out the form below to access).

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COVID-19’s Impact and Recovery for the Restaurant Industry — Cash Flow, Business Models, The Future, Crisis Lights, Cash Forecasting, & Survey Conclusions

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the restaurant industry. Uncertainty looms with the on-going challenges of containing the virus. This uncertainty creates obstacles in business decision-making. With public health requirements and customer preferences changing as the graphs on infections and deaths rise and fall, restaurants have more hurdles than ever. These challenges mean that restaurants need to respond quickly to a constantly changing environment.

Our national partner, Sage Intacct, and the National Restaurant Association surveyed over two-hundred restaurant finance leaders. This survey revealed COVID-19’s impact on their business, their actions in response, and their lessons through the process. Here is what they have to share.

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The Benefits & Opportunities of Strong Collaborative Partnerships

Why Are Friendly and Strategic Referral Partners So Important Right Now?

We’ve found that businesses don’t generally have friendly strategic referral partners. When the pandemic crisis hit, we had five different firms like ours, with different specialties, that were not able to serve clients when their phones rang off the hook. This opened up an opportunity.

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Lean Into Proactive Communication & Ongoing Opportunities To Experiment

As a cutting-edge organization, the newness of our approach to business in the past decade has been challenging to teach to prospective and actual clients. Because of the crisis, the value we provide has become apparent to our customers even though it’s been available. Thus, the crisis has illuminated the clear value propositions of companies working with us.

In retrospect, this season has been a lesson learned for us on how we can better communicate the value we deliver to our clients going forward.

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Marketplace Leaders — Now’s The Time To Master The Business Fundamentals

What Do We See On The Horizon For Companies and Business Leaders?

There are countless unknowns in our collective and uncertain future. We’re living in a new paradigm without knowledge of how long this season of uncertainty will last. Understanding this reality, NOW is the time to get back to business basics.

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NOW Is The Time To Pivot Your Business For The New Economic Paradigm

Is There Still Time for Companies to Pivot Their Business Model for the New Paradigm?

The federal relief package was great for delaying the terrible impact of the pandemic on businesses for eight weeks. In that window of time, companies learned where they stood before the crisis and were generously given a countdown clock of eight weeks for an upcoming failure that would have been an immediate one.

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Cash is King — Effectively Managing Cash Flow Through a Pandemic

Why is a Strategic Advisor Essential For Companies During a Crisis, and What’s the Cost of Not Seeing BlindSpots?

One of the most valuable resources companies can have during a crisis is an advisor on retainer. By having a guiding firm (like Trusted CFO Solutions) available on the spot, clients can focus on their growth while mitigating their risks.

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Does Your Company Have A Real-Time Reporting Competitive Advantage?

In A Crisis, What’s the Competitive Advantage Real-Time Reporting Delivers?

We’re in a season where exceptions to the rule are quite common. For example, landlords are giving companies months of free rent. How is your business reporting on this discount and how are you keeping it in the front of your mind so you don’t lose sight of an expense that will come back later? Making it relevant today is now important.

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When Transitioning To A Cloud-Based ERP System, Your Guiding Partner Matters Most

If Our Business Is On An Archaic ERP System, Is There Hope To Transition To A Cloud-Based Solution?

The guiding partnership in a transition will dictate the ease, relevancy, and success of your digital cloud ERP transition. How much help your business needs depends entirely on the specific requirements of your business.

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