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Sage Intacct Collaborate: What is It and How Does It Work for You to Stay Compliant?

Users of Sage Intacct Collaborate can operate more efficiently and effectively, communicate and track relevant insights and information where data and reports reside and leverage a competitive communication advantage over your competitors.

In this article we 

  • Define Sage Intacct Collaborate
  • Describe why SIC is important for your business? 
  • Name four ways it helps keep you in compliance
  • Provide the way for getting started with Sage Intacct Collaborate 

What is Sage Intacct Collaborate?

Sage Intacct Collaborate is a secure social layer that embeds into your Sage Intacct financial management solution. It’s a tool that integrates with Sage Intacct and SalesForce to give your team enhanced communication so you can cooperatively address and resolve any issues. In addition, it saves you time and supports you in staying compliant by helping you communicate quicker, more efficiently, and more effectively. 

Why is Sage Intacct Collaborate So Important For Your Business?

Compliance is significant in many areas, but especially in financial matters of a business. It’s critical to make sure your company operates in obedience according to the laws and regulations. However, keeping compliant is a time-consuming task and, if not done well, exposes business owners to tax risks. Numerous companies have failed as a result of financial reporting issues from siloed communications. 

Implementing Sage Intacct Collaborate is the best way to ensure collaboration with your team in real-time and prevent financial derailing by informing and keeping you informed.

What could happen with your business if you enabled your finance, sales, or services team to resolve any issue cooperatively? With SIC, you move from email communication to your team collaborating in real-time with constant visibility and tracking of conversations and feeds in your Sage Intacct Dashboard. It spans all your devices and processes, as well as all-time zones. With that birds-eye view, you’ll know any issues that need attention and what actions are necessary to ensure the company’s future profitability. This tool can strengthen your confidence in making the best decisions for your business.

Five Ways Sage Intacct Collaborate Helps You Stay Compliant

Communicate Faster and Smarter

Dealing with non-routine transactions such as clarifying policies, gathering missing information, or resolving exceptions can slow down or derail critical financial processes. Effective communication is vital when communicating with your team, and you get that kind of communication when collaborating in a central location. 

Sage Intacct Collaborate enables critical and relevant cloud-based accounting communication that is crucial to ensure your business stays compliant.

Below is a succinct outline of the four main areas of communication you gain access to through Sage Intacct Collaborate. 

  1. Communicate and track relevant insights and information
  2. Provide what your clients want.
    1. Essential clarity and decisiveness
    2. A record-keeping audit trail. 
    3. Multiple benefits.
    4. All users get access.
    5. Training modules and videos.
    6. Ongoing process to teach, train, model, and encourage collaboration use.
  3. Improved communication during a crisis. 
  4. The Sage Intacct Collaborate Competitive Advantage.

Implementing SIC is the best way to ensure real-time, full context, and visibility for you and your team helping to prevent financial derailing and keep you informed at the source. In addition, it easily integrates into SalesForce, giving sales teams the capacity to operate in their most familiar system.

SIC Provides Front to Back Audit Trails

Time for an audit? No worries, you have SIC. For every action users make, a trail is created that is traceable from front to back. All your conversations take place where it makes the most sense. SIC provides a robust record-keeping audit trail with relevant documentation made on the source record—on specific journal entries, accounts, projects, invoices, purchase requisitions, and more. This trail is beneficial, especially in our virtual-working world of today.

Real-Time Visibility of Logs With Full Context

With SIC, you and each user get access to all the messages related to a particular issue. This visibility gives you the full context of the case from each team member as you work toward the resolution. In addition, because you have a message system built inside the tool, you can leave a note with comments or questions without the need for repeating stories. 

Stay Informed

  • Automated Alerts when discounts, budgets, or other critical values change
  • When Others comment on a specific transaction or record of interest, you’ll receive a notification
  • The Collaboration Center allows you to track conversations, people, and groups relevant to you.
  • You can keep tabs on action items through your Activity feed available from every Sage Intacct screen
  • You have one-click navigation to a transaction from your Collaboration Center or Activity Feed.

Connect Your Back Office and Salesforce Front Office

If you are a SalesForce customer, you can collaborate on shared records from two applications, receive mobile chatter notifications through the Salesforce1 platform, and have reusable collaboration groups.

Is it time For Your Company To Make The Transition?

Without Sage Intacct Collaborate, you have inefficiencies with email, no front-to-back trail records or logs to help give you the full context, leaving you vulnerable to non-compliance or tax risks. 

With SIC, you work smarter, more efficiently, document all communications in the source record, gain access to front-to-back trails for audits and reports and logs needed to simplify your business’s compliance. When it comes to business compliance, the aforementioned are critical. 

I’m Ready to Simplify My Company’s Compliance:

If you are ready to talk with a member of our trusted advisory team about transitioning to Sage Intacct Collaborate, click here to contact us.



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