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The Chaos To Order Transition Process: How Trusted CFO Solutions Works With Your Organization

We want to help you run your business better.

Our system design for working together has three stages: Assessment, Implementation, and then Client Services. Here is how it works.

When we first begin working together, we do a full assessment of your business to discover what is and is not working in your accounting system before we suggest changes and how to make them not only work but LAST.

Phase two is Implementation, where we show you not only WHAT we can do for you, but HOW. We also roll out all the systems (people, processes, and tools) required for your organization to perform at the highest level.

The third phase is where we expand your current accounting team’s capabilities with our client support services (back-office accounting services, virtual CFO guidance, and leverage powerful tools).

In further detail, the sections below describe how these three phases unfold.

Assessment Phase

Phase 1. Assessment

I. Discovery

In the Discovery part of the Assessment Phase, we look at every piece of data you can supply us from your current accounting practices. By doing this phase up-front, we better determine where the holes in your current system are located, providing us visibility for how we improve it.

II. Assessment

Next, we move to our actual Assessment. This phase is where we compile the data from our Discovery to see what’s working, what isn’t, where you may want to look at collecting more data, and where money may be falling through the cracks.

III. Recommendations

It’s at this point that we make our Recommendations and come back to you with our services estimate based on what we see as your specific needs. We customize this to your business and provide you with options for moving forward with implementation.

Phase 2: Implementation

Implementation Phase

I. Project Planning

In the Project Planning part of the Implementation Phase, we help you determine your goals, how to reach them most effectively, and what tools will best help get you there.

II. Prioritize Goals

Further, we Prioritize Goals. Taking this step makes sure we are working in the right order to make your business as high-performing as possible. Sometimes a small step, in the beginning, can lead to significant changes right away.

III. Take Action

At this point, we equip you Take Action and put your new business plan into place, using the right tools to help you meet your prioritized goals.

Ongoing Services

Phase 3: Client Support Services

I. Back-Office Accounting

Our Back-Office Accounting ranges from basic bookkeeping to long-range strategic planning. We offer you innovative solutions and strategies that produce efficiencies, savings, and high-quality services.

II. Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO is a new adaptation to an old concept. The Virtual CFO does the same job as any other CFO with one difference—he is not on site. Instead, your Virtual CFO, through Trusted CFO Solutions, stays in contact and maintains control by using powerful tools in advancing technology. You get the advice you need without the high cost of an on-staff full-time CFO.

III. Cloud-Based Solutions

You have access to your data anytime, anywhere, with our Cloud-based Solutions. Simplify and reduce your capital and operating costs. Get the flexibility and scalability to quickly deploy new applications, secure your network, and manage growth.

Wrapping Up

From beginning to end, Trusted CFO Solutions is working with you to create a powerful financial department in your organization to deliver the real-time data you need to respond and grow your business. With the right processes, tools, and people you enjoy the benefits of sustainable success.

Give us a call at 855-236-2384 or email us to talk about getting started with the discovery process.


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