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How We Sync GetLinked With Sage Intacct To Power Up Our Customer’s Reporting

In May 2018 we announced our Trusted CFO Solutions partnership with GetLinked. Here are a few things we’ve been doing with it, and examples of how we save time and money.

Since launching our partnership, we’ve worked with GetLinked to enhance their sync into Sage Intacct. GetLinked has some limitations as you might typically see with a Quickbooks install. The sync works well to departments but does not sync into items, classes, customers, and other dimensions such as vendors.

But, GetLinked built a new version for us to sync all the dimensions into Sage Intacct. Also, they helped us understand Davenport as a new dimension in restaurants. For example, lunch versus dinner. We’ve been able to reconfigure the point of sale (POS) and add additional POS items for the lunch categories versus the dinner categories and bring in those food sales for lunch and dinner as a meal type class. With that, we can get more granular into the analysis of the sales per day.

We haven’t seen any other system integration to the POS in that way. It’s unique in that it evaluates lunch and dinner differently.

In the past, the process was manual for this evaluation. First, we dumped data into Excel, and then a financial analysis was manually done to see performance over time.

With the creation of some automated data tagging to run reports in Sage Intacct by GetLinked, we can operate on a more granular level. GetLinked helps control the mapping of tables for us, and we can log in, update the mappings when we add new ones, map it accurately, and sync it every day into Sage Intacct.

Why Doesn’t Sage Intacct Natively Sync This Information?

This information isn’t in Sage Intacct; it resides in a Point of Sale (POS) system. No bartender or server is going to enter data into Sage Intacct, related to menu choices. The POS handles all of that information and then it creates a daily sales report in a different configuration that might include a PDF.

As an integration tool, GetLinked syncs with most POS systems. Over fifty percent of our restaurant clients use one of the POS systems that GetLinked built the integration. GetLinked has about thirty-seven POS systems on the approved list.

If a customer has that, we want them to go to a POS system that GetLinked approves. Then we can configure it for their financial analyses. Having an approved GetLinked POS system will prevent clients from having to run a report in the POS. Moreover, they will no longer have to input data to Excel daily or use the Excel document as their database.

You can’t run reports off of Excel, and you have to look at the data and analyze it in a very manual way. Once into Sage Intacct, in a lower level granular way that matches the POS, we have a database that has dynamic real-time live reports. Additionally, we can slice and dice data and build reports on the fly as we continue to analyze it.

That is the biggest reason we chose GetLinked. Plus, we like to work with the best partners in the nation. Many other integration tools don’t have the accounting checks and balances like GetLinked. GetLinked won’t let you bring in an unbalanced transaction. Many others will.

GetLinked is a gold standard partner from a higher level enterprise accounting perspective. They offer many more checks and balances so that we’re not running out of control or the systems aren’t talking to each other properly. The way that they build their software allows us more functionality related to accounting control and compliance.

GetLinked will build the integrations from the POS into GetLinked. Several, we developed based on a restaurant wanting to use a specific one to their industry for their quick service.

Our client, Affairs to Remember uses GetLinked for automation to enhance and optimize their current system, Caterease. Our client was using Caterease like QuickBooks is used, so it’s taken about nine months to get a manually built sales process.

As in QuickBooks, the trial balance and sub-ledgers might not tie. So, you might have a sales contract that doesn’t balance to the commissions paid from the sale.

If there is any integration you need with Sage Intacct already built with Sage Intacct, then GetLinked is your 50/50 way to go around that.



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