Innovation at The Helm as Trusted CFO Solutions Adds New Services and Partnership Program to Help Businesses Emerge Stronger Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

ATLANTA — In this COVID-19 season, nearly all businesses have been or will soon be financially impacted. Trusted CFO Solutions (TCFOS) has created a way to support these businesses to emerge stronger from this crisis in tandem with the CARES Act.

“We want people to know we are here to help their businesses discover the avenues for them to emerge stronger,” shares the Co-Founder of TCFOS.

TCFOS helps with:

  • Forgivable and Disaster Loans
  • Payroll Protection Program
  • EIDL Loan Advance
  • SBA Express Bridge Loans
  • PPP Documenting Expenses Guides
  • Cash Flow Forecasting

Following President Trump’s signing the CARES Act, containing $376 billion in relief for American workers and small businesses, the TCFOS team launched solutions for preventing confusion and costly mistakes caused by navigating the CARES Act solo.

Many business owners attempted the “do-it-yourself route.”  Out of those businesses turning to TCFOS for assistance, 75% of them were found to be inaccurate. Even if a company already applied with the lender, TCFOS has, is, and can still help their business.

Co-Founder, Stephen Gross encouraged businesses not to go at this alone in his following comments from issue four of Prosper or Perish, “Don’t be alone. A team approach at this time is best. Remember, the heavy lifting is beginning. You MUST plan to restart the engine of your business, and reinvent how you serve customers in a permanently altered climate.”

A vital key to this program is not the application process. It is the direction taken after the application and accurate tracking of funds to ensure forgiveness. TCFOS provides resources to help, and their team is quickly adapting.

Our co-founder states, “Additional stimulus packages are on the way, and applying and conforming to those rules is critical, so we are planning accordingly to advise over the next twelve to eighteen months.  We don’t anticipate that only the PPP and EIDL will be enough, and we are planning our programs to anticipate more business funding.” 

The team at TCFOS wants business owners to know they are here to help companies discover their specific financial needs and how to navigate the process for:

  • COVID-19 Forecasting
  • CARES Act Planning
  • Forgivable AND/OR Disaster Loans
  • Additional Financial Assistance Options

TCFOS already applied for $22 million+ for its clients with a goal of $75 million by the end of May.

TCFOS also has a Partnership Program to help business owners support their business clients so they too can emerge stronger from this crisis. If your B2B company is interested, you can learn more about the program by inquiring here.

TCFOS is prepared to help companies navigate the rules, get it right the first time, and strengthen their business. TCFOS is here to help owners discover their needs and navigate the process of this new legislation for 2020 and beyond.

To get the latest updates and insights from the experts at Trusted CFO Solutions (855-236-2384), be sure to check out Your Trusted CFO Corner, the company’s blog at


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