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Prosper or Perish #10: With PPP Ending and an Expected Downturn Coming, Here’s How Your Business Must Shift To Emerge Stronger

PROSPER OR PERISH #10 by Stephen GrossClick here to read past issues.

PPP has now run its course, and EIDL loans are still working their way through the SBA.  We are hearing that D.C. is planning a more targeted relief package for the summer or fall, but details are sketchy.

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Prosper or Perish #9 — Webinar On How We’re Making A Difference As We Help Our Clients Reopen Their Business

PROSPER OR PERISH #9 by Stephen GrossClick here to read past issues.

The system is overwhelmed, companies are failing, and unemployment is high (while it continues to escalate). In this webinar, Steve shares with the TCFOS team about the reality of the new COVID-19 economy, and what Trusted CFO Solutions is doing to help its clients emerge stronger.

Each of our clients will go through a difficult process. We’re helping them to survive, so they have future choices. We’re also helping our clients adapt to the new circumstances to succeed in the new economy. Finally, we’re supporting our clients through their reinvention process so they can prosper during and after the chaotic marketplace transition.

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Prosper or Perish #8: Wisely Navigating The Risk Of Opening With The Cost Of Staying Closed

PROSPER OR PERISH #9 by Stephen GrossClick here to read past issues.

As re-opening our economy begins, we are entering the tricky stage of balancing safety, for customers and employees, with re-opening our businesses.  We will face two obstacles in this effort – FIRST, our customers are going to be super cautious about risk (for a period of time), until a normal ebb and flow of people resume with little consequence.

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