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Oilfield Services and Equipment Businesses: Are You Ready To Get Paid Faster?

When is the last time you had confidence and assurance that the tools you use are capturing the data and documentation required for your business invoicing? Is your system providing you ease of mind and an accurate billing solution?

The Problem

As an Owner or CFO in the Oilfield Services and Equipment industry, you might be worn out with trying to keep up with the high volumes of required paperwork.

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If you have a business that services the oil rigs, which have a paper invoice format, a considerable gap exists preventing your business from getting payment from the big oil companies you service.

There are many complexities related very specifically to the drivers in your land-based oilfield business. Unique data needs to be tracked by your drivers with every single transaction. Each transaction is invoice intensive, substantially driven by numbers, and involves field tickets where just the volume alone in a paper environment is overwhelming.

Without a capable system, you will spend time tracking down and working to bring to order what seems like an irreversible mess leaving you paralyzed, and your business without the capacity to collect on completed services. Your business numbers depend on the data and documentation of all your field tickets, and if you don’t track and document that information thoroughly, your business could fail like others in the industry.

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The Solution

It’s highly possible the tools and systems you’ve researched in the past for resolving this money-eating issue either don’t work or were cost prohibitive. However, the Sage Intacct software solution is effective and won’t break your bank.

With Trusted CFO Solutions you get a financial solution that serves you and your business! Sage Intacct is a system that easily tracks the unique data from every transaction, offers real-time access to that data, provides you ease of mind and assurance that invoices get billed, and accelerates payments.

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Who Is Best Served With This Solution?

We mostly serve land-based oilfield service businesses. When a Chevron or another big oil company has a rig that’s drilling, there is a need for service. You, our clients, are the ones who service them. You are the many plumbers, welders, or haulers who carry items from one rig to another. We also serve those companies who have trailers or truck drivers who do pickups. It’s these businesses with intensive invoicing that we help streamline payment collection from the big oil companies.

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We Make It Easy for The Small Company To Interface with the Larger Corporations

We make an easy way for your oil service business to interface with the larger oil corporations. For example, a compliance requirement such as having the rig supervisor signature on every field ticket when you show up is maximized by using the Sage Intacct System. Our system is unique in that it quickly captures data, compiles a packet with all the documents and signatures required for compliance, and sends it out for accelerated payment. That uniqueness is a bear when it usually takes four or five administrative people to implement. We remove almost all of that.

We Help You Accelerate Your Payments!

Sage Intacct brings order, removes the significant gaps that create lost income, and provides you with a system that does away with the staggering volumes of paper while helping you track the data and documentation for every transaction, with electronic access for real-time views.

The team at Trusted CFO Solutions provides an easy way for your Oil Field Services and Equipment Solutions business to stay in compliance and interface with the big corporations, so it doesn’t capsize or paralyze your business. We accelerate your payments and restore the financial strength of your business that you worked so hard to build.

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Outgrowing Quickbooks?

Say goodbye to spreadsheet reporting and manual consolidations and start using a cloud-based financial management system.

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