Our Year In Review — 2019 Highlights For Trusted CFO Solutions, Our Clients, & The Industry

Taking It To The Next Level

2019 has come and gone, and it’s been a wonderfully fruitful year for Trusted CFO Solutions. As we’ve grown our operations, we’ve been adding more administrative support as opposed to the accounting talent we’ve more prominently added in previous years.

With our customers, we’ve made strong strides to improve our processes and further flesh out deliverables in a way that is both effective and compelling to the organizations we’re working alongside. 

As part of this development, we successfully executed the most complicated implementations our leadership and staff have ever encountered. When dealing with urgent situations and countless locations, the complexity ratchets up quickly, but we are so proud of our team for effectively stepping up to the plate and making it happen for our wonderful customers. Their stellar performance was as swift as that of a Navy Seal team. We are extremely happy with the level of expertise of our entire staff, and how they effectively interface with each other. 

There are no competitors in this space that can compete with the number of years and projects we’ve executed within the Sage Intacct ecosystem. So while other service organizations were struggling to figure it out, Trusted CFO Solutions was “taking it to the next level”.

The question driving us throughout 2019 and ahead is, “What is stopping us from going to the next level?” How do we enable that effort and remove any obstacles preventing our progression? And the answer is not just one-and-done activities, but rather an ongoing cycle of systematic improvements surfacing the next key performance indicators and ways to make things better.

Several of the wonderful people that make up Trusted CFO Solutions

Our People Are Amazing

One of the most exciting aspects of Trusted CFO Solutions for 2019 has been the development of our existing team and the addition of wonderful new faces. All of them have had the opportunity to unearth their strengths and focus on what they are best at as we’ve shifted the team around to better execute on our projects and deliver for our clients.

Several examples of this include our accounting managers, who are really good at closing the books and doing analysis. Other staff members are terrific at renovating processes and consulting with clients about best practices and improving systems. Some staff members have demonstrated expertise with certain recurring client problems, operating as strong problem-solving support and training in those areas. Several staff members are highly proficient with reconciliations and accounting issues with others powerfully building new processes and procedures, structures, and dimensions for our clients.

Trusted CFO Solutions is incubating the next generation of systems champions, reconciliation queens, and commission gurus. Our people are mastering their craft and we enjoy seeing them shine.

We Work With The Best Customers

Working with new clients like Alon’s Bakery, and Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to help solve complicated problems (with numerous incoming pressures). Dealing with multiple large-scale implementations has required up to twelve weeks, with an average of eight for most of our customers. We find it’s the size, number of locations, and urgency intersecting with the data migration and integration that makes the already complicated process more complex.

With our extensive work with the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia, we’ve executed a complicated implementation with over forty locations, building out a new area of specialty found in the medical practices vertical, especially multi-entity health practice organizations in an aggressive acquisition mode.

You can explore, in-depth, the customer success we’ve had with a multi-entity entertainment business, and a multi-entity real-estate organization with the links below.

The Power & Evolution of Sage Intacct 

Sage Intacct is the most innovative company we’ve ever worked alongside. They’re committed to eliminating traditional practices that no longer serve a purpose in today’s fast-moving economy. They’re regularly moving the marketplace towards real-time insights with automatic transaction processing. As we service providers ponder how to continue streamlining financial data insights, Sage Intacct is actively building features fueled by their active listening to us professionals and countless users to make it happen.

Their open API also provides an unlimited set of possibilities for us and our clients. The financials and operational systems are now working together, unlike ever before. At Trusted CFO Solutions, we design, build, deploy, tweak, and maintain custom API integrations between Sage Intacct and a variety of other applications. In 2019, we’ve been building system connectors to move data at a level of detail that we’ve never been able to do before. We can go beyond simple summary data and pull the specific data points in Sage Intacct and other connected systems to allow for the type of complex data analysis few organizations have access to.

Sage Intacct acts as the home base, with one version of “the truth”. Everyone with an organization is now looking at the same numbers across the systems. The data is accumulated from multiple sources and people are able to access and view it in a way that’s relevant and useful for them.
Sage Intacct has been working on the healthcare industry (health care practitioners and medical practices) for years, shaping its software to effectively support organizations in this area. Expanding our areas of specialization to now include this, we’re further aligning our efforts with theirs.

What’s Ahead For Trusted CFO Solutions

As we’ve individually and collectively mastered our craft, executed on large complicated implementations, moved our people into their strengths, leveraged the growing power of Sage Intacct, we’ve positioned ourselves to elevate our clients and those that choose to work with us going forward.

Next up is scaling our efforts with new customers for 2020. Will you be a part of this movement, where we grow our companies, together?

Number of Years In Business


Highlighted Quotes

  • “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, just wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair
  • “People who don’t have time to learn always find time to make the same mistakes again and again. They go fast but not far.” – Shane Parrish
  • “The hardest part of the journey to personalized success isn’t adopting the new mindset…it’s letting go of the old one.” – Todd Rose
  • “Clarity = Speed.”  –  Ken Perlman

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