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What Is Sage Intacct & How Does This Cloud ERP Software Compare Against The Alternatives?

“I’ve saved 80% of my time at quarter-end using Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights.” —Russell Guthrie CFO, IFAC

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So, you’re considering switching to Sage Intacct to grow your business. Well, you’re exploring a terrific option because Sage Intacct is the number one financial management solution with the best customer satisfaction (G2 Crowd + Finance Online) and best product score (Gartner).  As both your trusted advisor and an official Sage Intacct partner, we’d like to share why this ERP tool knocks it out of the park for small companies looking to scale and mid-sized businesses.

G2 Accounting Grid - Sage Intacct

According to the G2 Grid For Accounting, Sage Intacct has the highest satisfaction rating (98%) for mid-market (51-1000 employees) and enterprise size ( > 1000 employees) companies. If you’re seeking a leader in the pack, Sage Intacct is your best option as they pioneer with leaps of innovation. The satisfaction score from G2 Crowd is based on ease of software use (85%), ease of doing business with Sage Intacct (87%), and how well it meets it’s customers requirements (85%). Not only is their tool solid, their company is too.

So, where did this company come from?

The Origin Of Sage Intacct

“Intacct was founded in 1999 to provide small and midsize organizations with online financial applications. It was one of the first vendors to develop multitenant SaaS business applications.” – Gartner

With its beginning in San Jose 1999, this software was created from ground zero, by David C. Thomas & Odysseas Tsatalos, as a cloud-based software. They were in the cloud before most people knew what it was! The name Intacct comes from a hybrid of the words INTernet and ACCounTing. Mounting up numerous awards for their innovative software, the company quickly grew in size and awareness. It was 2017 when the company was hitting its stride on all cylinders and a team of 500 people that the larger company, Sage, came into the fold and bought up this relatively small but highly important business.

Alright, we know where Sage Intacct came from, what can it do for my business?

Survey The Options

A Quick Survey Of Sage Intacct

This cloud-based ERP system empowers its customers with innovative technology, powerful automation, and modern cloud architecture. There simply is nothing else out there that compares to this system. Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes it different, what functions it includes, and a quick view of the strengths and weaknesses of the tool.

What Makes Sage Intacct Different?

  • #1 in customer satisfaction
  • Able to consolidate 100 entities in seconds
  • The AICPA preferred financial management solution
  • A Salesforce Platinum ISV partner

Click here for a deeper dive as to why these differentiators matter.

Feature Overview List

  • Payment Processing
  • AP Automation
  • Invoice Customization
  • Audit Trail
  • Integration API’s
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Custom Reporting
  • AR Automation
  • Journal Entries


“Intacct scores well in most functional capabilities, particularly general ledger coding structures and processes… survey respondents were very positive about usability and ease of configuration, deployment and integration, citing the ease with which they were able to integrate Intacct with other cloud services.” – Gartner


“Its weakest area is fixed asset accounting, and it relies on a partner solution for complex allocation functionality, which reduces its score for complex general ledger capabilities.” – Gartner
In addition to this weakness,  it also lacks forecasting and budgeting functionality, but this too can be augmenting with the easy integration of Adaptive Insights.

What Others Are Saying About Sage Intacct

As the only AICPA endorsed cloud financial solution, there is a lot of positive feedback about this software.

“Sage Intacct is a software app that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features with customizable functions to fit various conversion funnels and purchase orders.” – Finances Online

“Sage Intacct is cloud accounting and web-based financial management software designed to help companies improve performance and accelerate growth.” -G2 Crowd

“Although Intacct primarily targets lower midsize organizations, its goal is to provide financial capabilities that scale with its clients as they grow, and its functionality scores support this goal.” -Gartner

Let’s Talk About Pricing

“Pricing for smaller companies graduating from QuickBooks begins at just $400 a month. Larger firms replacing on-premises software systems—Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Lawson, Deltek, or Oracle, and other mid-market systems—will typically spend from a few thousand to $10,000 or more a month.” Finances Online
Compared to alternatives, Sage Inaccts pricing is a little less than average.

Prominent Clients Who Use Sage Intacct

  • Nike Foundation
  • Voltari
  • Zend
  • Canto
  • Demandforce
  • Meetup
  • Patreon

Considering Netsuite?

“Sage Intacct’s cloud-based system ended up as a clear choice over NetSuite because of its impressive multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities, as well as the great experience we had with the Sage Intacct team who showed a clear commitment to ongoing product enhancement and customer success.” Celine Okoh CFO White Ribbon Alliance

Intacct is much stronger in the following areas
  • Ease of use, setup, and admin
  • Quality of support
  • Ease of doing business with
  • Product Direction
  • Tags / Dimensions
  • Multi-Entity / Consolidation
  • Reconciliations
  • Payroll
  • Time & Expense
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Breadth of Applications
Netsuite is much stronger in only the following areas
  • Audit Trail
  • Inventory Management (Tracking, Pricing, Costing, & Reporting)

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