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Webinar: “How The Third Financial Statement Is A Restaurant’s Secret To Success”

What Is The GRA?

The mission of the Georgia Restaurant Association is to serve as the voice of Georgia’s restaurants in Advocacy, Education and Awareness.

The Georgia Restaurant Association (GRA) has operated as the voice for Georgia restaurants since 1906. They have very limited knowledge of the association’s activities until 1972, when under the leadership of Marge McDonald the GRA joined with the Georgia Travel, and Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association, which then fell under the umbrella of the Georgia Hospitality & Travel Association (GHTA) as its food service division (GRA) to merge the three organizations into one at that time.

What Is The Webinar About?

Many restaurant owners & managers believe their business is performing well and making a profit contrary to industry evidence.

Poor financial management prevents owners from making payroll and routinely result in restaurants shutting down. What are they doing wrong? They’re missing the secret to operating a financially sound restaurant through their third financial statement.

In this webinar, Dixie McCurley reveals the third financial statement and shares with you why it is so critical to managing and growing your business.

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